Wednesday, January 30, 2013

workin' on our fitness.

a new gym (Xperience Fitness) has opened a couple of locations that are convenient for us: one is in blaine right across from bennett's daycare, and the other is about a ten minute drive from our house.  AND it's only $20 a month, and our insurance offers a discount off of that.  soooo, i think joe and i are going to take the plunge and join.  we've been gym members before, but i can't say that we were consistent gym-goers.  i think the location is going to make a big difference.  (is it bad that i'm actually rolling my eyes as i'm writing this?  it sounds so cliche'- this time we'll stick with it!  no really!  we will!)  seriously though we are literally across the street twice a day, five days a week, dropping off and picking up ben.  if that doesn't get us to go to the gym regularly, i don't know what will.  they offer group fitness classes (which i like) and have racquetball (which joe likes).  plus they have all the gym equipment, a pool, etc.  i'm excited to start going and i'm sure this will only help in my weight loss venture.

also, i ordered a heart rate monitor.  i figured it'd be a good way to monitor (see what i did there?) the calories i'm burning.  AND, if i have all the stuff, i'll for sure go to the gym (eye roll).  i need to look legit.  i mean, they use them on the Biggest Loser, so naturally i need one too.  plus, it was half off!  the athlete in me (ha) just couldn't resist.

while i clearly sound like a fitness-cynic, i really do want to be more active.  we don't have a ton of spare time outside of working and being with bennett, but i think exercise does need to at least make an appearance on the priority list.  when it was warmer out i LOVED taking bennett for walks in the stroller or in the baby bjorn.  but considering it's, oh let me check, exactly 14 degrees out right now, that doesn't seem like a realistic option.  that's like saying i'll go to the gym for the 5:15am class that's on the schedule.  let's face it: ain't. gonna. happen.

so, i think a gym membership is the perfect solution.  it'll do all of us some good.  plus, i'll look super cool with my heart rate monitor on.  i just need a water bottle fanny pack and i'll be set.  just kidding.

as for bennett, he is still teething and doesn't have a darn tooth to show for it yet.  he's chewing on EVERYTHING, spiking fevers, and drooling everywhere.  we took him to the doctor yesterday to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection or anything, and he's all clear.  i guess it's just those teeth giving him a hard time.  poor guy.

i have the day off on friday because i covered a coworker's evening shift when she was sick.  so bennett and i may go to the children's museum with my friend/coworker, meghan, and her little guy landon, who's 17 months.  i'm *still* waiting to hear about my work schedule when my job changes, but i'm praying that i'll soon have fridays off all the time and we can make these outings with our boys a regular thing!

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