Friday, January 4, 2013

new. new. new.

we had a big day yesterday in our family.  i found out (officially) that i'm going to be in a new role at my job.  effective immediately, i get a rai$e.  in the next month or so, i'll be moving to a cubicle (that's right, get jealous) from the front desk and doing provider credentialing and community outreach full time.  i'm looking forward it; i feel like it will be more of a challenge, which i'm up for.  and we're in discussion about me possibly working 4 days a week.  i'd L.O.V.E. the time with bennett.  praying, praying, praying.

we also bought a new car yesterday.  kind of an impromtu car purchase, which typically aren't the best kind, but i think this one was a good deal.  joe's mom sells cars for barnett in white bear lake, and has been nudging us in the direction of a new car for a while now.  joe's car had 120,000 miles on it and he drives constantly for work.  *bonus* we just found out it needed new brakes and rotors.  who even knows what rotors are?  they don't sound that important.  anyway, now we don't have to buy them, since i assume our new car comes with them.  just kidding, i know it does.  (right?)  we got a black chrysler 200.  it's really nice- heated seats, remote start, and a little bigger than the 'rolla (as joe called it), which will be nice for the carseat in the back.  but it still gets good gas mileage and our payment was actually lowered by 2.5 starbucks a month... err, i mean $10 month.

new year, new job, new car.  i'd say 2013 is lookin' good so far.

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