Wednesday, March 4, 2015

what's new.

my baby is almost one. whhaatttt?

i swear i was just writing about being "so over" being pregnant. time just flies by. it really is bittersweet. as much as i love the tiny baby stage, i'm truly loving watching my boys play together more and more and seeing their little relationship blossom. no one can make hunter laugh like bennett can. bennett loves to hug hunter and teach him things like clapping and "so big!" they are best friends and i am praying for a life-long friendship for them.


bennett is hysterical these days, constantly making me laugh by saying the silliest things. the other day we were at an open gym playing and he ran over and said "i gotta go potty, liz!" ummm, my name is mommy, mister. he is my little parrot, constantly telling hunter to "be patient" and shushing joe for singing too loud in the car (i'm glad to have an ally in that battle!).

he loves wearing my boots around the house

bennett is dyyyyiiinggg to go to preschool now that we enrolled him for the fall. he talks about it constantly and beams with pride when he tells people about it. unfortunately he is convinced he will be taking the bus to preschool and i have refrained from correcting him. more recently he decided he will take a firetruck to preschool. the expectations just keep getting higher and we have about six months to go. preschool may seem pretty lame to him by the time he goes!

we switched bennett to a big boy bed (aka took the front off his crib and put up a toddler rail) a few weeks ago and it was literally the most seamless transition we have had yet. I always build up the transitions in my head like they are going to be horrible and bennett's resilience continues to surprise me. he has only gotten out of his bed/room one time and that was completely my fault. he had been calling for me for way too long and i was lazily trying to put off getting up longer than i should've. can't blame the kid.

joe and i are doing dave ramsey's financial peace university and have two nights left. we did the class when we first got married but obviously life has changed a bit since then (two kids, two student loans, two mortgages, one income, etc) so we felt like going through the course again would be helpful for us. and it really has. we feel better about our financial picture (and our communication about our finances) now than we have in several years. we are diligently working on the baby steps, using our cash envelopes, and developing a plan to be completely debt-free (minus our mortgage) within the next few years.

my diet/fitness game has been weak lately and i am really struggling with it. i have hit this wall before and i think it's partially just burnout. i'm taking a little break from tracking what i'm eating to see if alittle  time off will help me get my motivation back. i'm still getting to the gym a few times a week and i'm eating what i want but trying to be mindful of portions and hunger/fullness. maybe it's just time to have another baby (ha). actually that is in the plan for the near-ish future but maybe not quite yet. though 7 out of 10 in our supper club group are pregnant, so the peer pressure is mounting. 😉