Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 months.

7 months old today.  it is SO crazy how time flies.  i know that is such a cliche' and when you have a baby everyone goes on and on about how fast it goes.  then you experience it for yourself and, for some reason, it still takes you by surprise.

at 7 months, bennett weighs just shy of 17 lbs.  he's sitting up on his own like a champ.  he isn't crawling yet, but rolling seems to be effectively getting him from A to B for now.  he's eating 4 oz. bottles five times a day and 3 of those times he eats solid foods as well.  he LOVES sweet potatoes and hates green beans.  he's [mostly] sleeping through the night, but those teeth bother him every once in a while at night and he needs some tylenol.  no teeth to speak of yet, but he has some big bumps on his gums that show where they're going to pop through any day.  bennett drools constantly and shoves everything (toys, books, george's tail, our fingers) into his mouth.  he loves peek-a-boo, looking in the mirror and bouncing in his jump-a-roo.  he hates getting his nose wiped.  like, really hates.  he cries almost every time we put him in his car seat, smiles seconds later and then falls asleep once we're on the road.  he smiles every time we get him up and has the cutest sleepy eyes ever.
good morning, world!
he's very independent, very happy and very social.  he's his mom and dad's world.

joe, george and bennett survived boys' weekend last weekend while i was in chetek with my girlfriends.  things seemed to go relatively smoothly, athough ben was not wearing pants in a single picture joe sent me of him.  joe's justification was "it's boys' weekend" and, "george wasn't wearing pants either."  mature rationale.

pants-less nap
see those bare legs?
i had a great time with my friends, despite missing my boys like crazy.  i think i needed that break.  and joe had fun being mr. mom, but said he had a new-found appreciation for what it is like for me when he's gone.  i'll take it.

i got the official word last week that my work schedule will be changing around the end of february.  i'll be working monday through thursday 8-4 and have fridays off.  i'm thrilled.  i won't, unfortunately, get PTO any longer, but i suppose beggars can't be choosers.  i'm so looking forward to a day at home each week with my little buddy.  my new job title is "Credentialing and Community Outreach Coordinator."  sounds important, right?  well, it is.

we're looking forward to a low-key weekend with hardly anything planned.  march is going to be crazy busy for us, so we're soaking up all the down time we can get right now.

here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot we did with megan daas last weekend...

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