Monday, October 20, 2014


i guess blogging is low on my priority list these days... i can't seem to be consistent! oh well. you win some, you lose some.

there's been a lot going on at our house lately...

bennett is *mostly* potty trained! i don't remember the last time bennett had an accident (pee, that is). he has been such a champ and we are so proud of him. we even had our first successful #2 potty trip two days ago! sometimes i sit back and think, "wow. my son pooping on the potty was the highlight of my day. and i am completely fine with it." also, i need to remember how much better bennett does with these big transitions than i expect him to. i gear myself up for a disaster and always seem to be pleasantly surprised at how he manages to just roll with it.

we did a little cry it out at our house last weekend with hunter. i'm not aiming for sleeping through the night yet- he's only in the 10th percentile for weight (despite his nickname, chub chub) and can't go 12 hours without eating. but it was getting to the point where he was hardly going 4 hours without eating. at 7 months old he should be able to do a bit better than that. we had one rough night of crying (1.5 hours, on and off) but since then he has been doing much better. his typical nights have been something like this: bed at 7:30-8ish, up at 2am and 6am to eat, up for the day around 7. much more manageable.

i started my new work-from-home job last week and it's going pretty well so far. i try to do 2-3 hours of work each weekday, usually when the boys are napping from 1-3 or 4. it feels good to have something of my own to do and to earn some extra money without having to sacrifice time with the boys.

we got to see the wienke cousins last weekend and celebrate whitney, martin and charlie's birthdays. the boys LOVE their cousins and they all have such a great time together. we wish they lived closer. here are some pictures from the party...

and a few other recent pics...

i'll be doing posts on potty training tips, weight loss, and some parenting things i've learned lately, so check back soon for those!