Friday, February 6, 2015

seven, ten months and nashville.

as expected, i got a little behind on the posting. we finished the food week for seven and finally got hunter to the doctor for his nine month well check (at nearly 10.5 months...).

seven's food week was honestly a struggle. i think it was less about the food for me and more about being asked to do something i didn't want to do. it definitely brought to light my unwilling spirit in some areas of my life i feel called to, but simply don't want to, submit to God. so, in all it was tough, it was a learning experience, and i am super glad it's over.

as for hunter, at 10 months old he's still my skinny mini. he looks chubby (which i love), but he's only in the 10th percentile for weight, 20th for height and 50th for head circumference. some day he will grow into his big noggin, haha. he's right on track with development- crawling all over, eating anything and everything, starting to pull himself up and sleeping like a champ.

if all babies were as smiley and easy going as he is, i would have a hundred. joe would disagree.

joe and i went to nashville last weekend for a little getaway. joe has an aunt and uncle who live there so we stayed with them and had a good balance of spending time with them and doing our own thing. we saw some live music on friday night which was cool. the bad was called the smoking section and it's made up of some of the major musicians who've played on many of the country stars' albums and in their bands. joe's uncle is in the music business so he knows the good music to see, and the smoking section didn't disappoint!

we also had some super good pancakes at the pancake pantry and saw the country music hall of fame while we were there which was cool.

they had a musician showcase thing going on at the hall of fame while we were there which featured kasey musgrave's drummer. he was really good and it was fun to see a little acoustic performance. we even bought the guitar player/singer's album.

so thankful my parents were willing to watch the boys for us!

bennett playing in the refrigerator box house my mom made him