Wednesday, January 2, 2013

baby proof. baby food.

bennett turns 6 months on sunday- so hard to believe!  this half year has absolutely FLOWN by!  my friend kelsey has told me so many times that it flies by and to enjoy the stages, both good and bad, because neither last long.  how right she is!  literally over the last week i feel like bennett has turned from a baby into a little boy!  i mean, obviously he's a baby still, but all of a sudden he's so active and strong-willed (good luck to us in the coming months/years!).  he's so close to crawling and you can just see it in his eyes that he knows what he wants and is determined to get it.  while this is an admirable trait he picked up from both of his parents (ha), it isn't the best quality when what he wants is to eat the leaves of the poinsettia we had near his highchair.  thankfully we got the leaves out of his mouth and hands before he really had a chance to eat them!  just call me "mom of the year"- poinsettias are poisonous (who knew?).  we haven't quite gotten a hand on baby-proofing.  obviously we need to get on that.  add it to the list.

today bennett had his first real food (he's been doing rice cereal since 4 months)- we started with avocado.  :)  it didn't make nearly the mess i thought it would, but it didn't seem like he could decide if he liked it or not.  we'll keep trying!  i am planning to make a bunch of baby food this weekend when we go up to my parents' lake house in chetek.  i think i'll do pears, apples, carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes.  i must admit, i'm not one to push "natural" or "organic," but considering that it will be much cheaper than buying jars and probably quite a bit better for him, i think making ben's food myself will be worth my time.
so excited!
not so sure how i feel about this...
do i have something on my face?
maybe i want some more! (see what i mean about his determination?)

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