Sunday, January 6, 2013

6 months.

we spent the weekend at my parents' lake house in wisconsin.  it was a low-key, relaxing weekend, which i know i certainly needed.  for christmas my parents got bennett a little sled, so we popped him in his adorable snowsuit from granny and gramps wienke and strapped him in.  i'll admit he wasn't all that amused, but he tolerated it and even cracked a few smiles (though i had to work fairly hard for them).

bennett slept through the night on friday night!  he's doing this more and more these days, but it just hasn't been consistent.  i'm guessing we're going to have to let him cry it out one of these nights, but our pediatrician said that it's common for little ones to not sleep through the night until they're eating solids.  speaking of solids, we gave bennett carrots on saturday.  he definitely seemed to like them more than avocado.  unfortunately, i'm not sure they're sitting well with him.  he's been fussy and it seems like his tummy hurts.  then tonight when i gave him his bath, i noticed little red bumps on his tummy.  so, that's awesome.  it seems weird, though- i've never heard of anyone having an allergy to carrots.  his teeth seem to have been bothering him and look like they're about to break through any day now, so that could be the culprit (teething causes all kinds of things- diaper rash, other rashes, fever, loss of appetite, etc.).  hard to say.  thank goodness we're going to the doctor tomorrow for bennett's 6 month well visit.  i always look forward to these appointments because i typically have a bunch of questions saved up and could just fire them at her one after another.  this one is no different- what solids should we give him?  how much?  how much milk do we give him in addition to the baby food?  when is it safe to say he doesn't need to eat in the night?  man, it's a good thing joe will be there to reign me in (and provide moral support since watching bennett get shots is the worst thing ever...).  i don't think there's anything that makes you feel more clueless than being a first-time mom.  every time i feel like i have something figured out, something else new pops up that i don't know what to do about. from what i hear this doesn't really change the longer you're a mom, so i guess i better get used to it!

the packers beat the vikings in the wild card game last night! it was fun to watch the game with my parents in what my dad calls gods country. it was an exciting first half and then was pretty quiet after that. i prefer it that way :).

happy 6 months to my little babe. you're such a big boy and i love watching you grow and learn everyday!

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  1. Just read all your entries! love your new blog and all the cuteness of Bennett!!!