Friday, January 25, 2013

in sickness and in health.

i sure am sick of being sick. i guess that's how it goes when you have a baby in daycare... i can hardly remember a decent stretch of time when joe, bennett and i have all been completely healthy since i went back to work and ben started daycare.

since having bennett i have often thought about how challenging being a parent can be. sometimes i feel overwhelmed by how blessed i am to have an equal partner in joe, who i can depend on.  joe is there to share the burden when it feels too heavy to bear on my own.  and he is there to share the joy i feel when bennett learns something new or giggles or breathes (it doesn't take much).  how single parents do it, i do not know.  the last few days i've been sick with a cold and have been able to take nyquil and get some sleep while joe takes care of bennett when he wakes up in the night.  i've seriously needed that and am so thankful.  he doesn't make it feel like he's doing me a favor, either.  instead, he knows taking care of bennett is our equal responsibility and we both do our part.  we're both appreciative of the other's help and try not to keep score.

this weekend we are going to let bennett cry it out.  lord, help us.  we are both total softies when it comes to ben crying and will probably have to alternate who's the strong one with who wants to cave.  bennett hasn't been eating in the night for about a month now, and is well-established on solid foods.  but, he's still waking up several times a night, just wanting comfort (it seems).  he goes to sleep on his own SO well, but can't seem to get himself back to sleep when he wakes in the night.  it's time for him to learn to get himself back to sleep.  i feel bad because i know he's teething, growing, etc., but it seems there's never a time when something isn't going on.  we can't play the game of going in, putting the nuk in his mouth, patting his back or tummy and soothing him forever...  my mommy gut is telling me it's time to let him learn :(  i guarantee it'll be harder on us than it will be on him.  all the mamas i've talked to that have done the cry it out thing have said it's hard but worth it.  the first night (they say) is the worst and it usually takes three nights.  our little man is VERY stubborn and strong-willed, but i'm praying he'll figure it out sooner than later.

we get to do bennett's 6 month pictures this weekend with megan daas, the photographer who did our engagement and wedding photos, and bennett's newborn photos.  she's amazing at what she does and a good friend of ours as well.  gotta get ben's hair cut again before the pictures- the kid has quite the head of hair.  kids hair is so great- he gets mesmerized by the cartoons on the tv and sits perfectly while they cut (and style!) his hair.

from bennett's first haircut. thanksgiving weekend 2012.
on an unrelated note, i've now lost 25 lbs. since august.  i have a ways to go before i meet my goal, but i'm feeling pretty good and it hasn't been [too] challenging.  i think continuing to bf has been a major part of the weight loss, but i suppose i shouldn't completely discredit my efforts.

we're having oven tacos for dinner tonight, yet another pinterest find.  i've been craving some good tacos, so hopefully they'll be good!

anyway, i'll keep you updated on how the crying it out goes... when you see a post from 4am that says "I JUST COULDN'T DO IT," you'll know what happened.  just kidding.  i hope.

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  1. I remember our pediatrician telling me "Sleep is just as important as nutrition at this stage of life" when I was struggling with letting Samantha cry. Fortunately babies are actually really smart- and he'll learn quickly. Once they've learned that you'll go in multiple times a night to put the nuk in- he'll depend on that to get back to sleep. You can do it mama! Put on a movie or white noise. It took less than a week for Samantha to be sleeping 12 hrs a night- and still is... ! You're doing the right thing! I learned a lot from "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child"- but I think I already recommended that to ya... let me know how it goes!:)