Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the next shaquille o'neil. or not.

we had ben's six month well visit yesterday.  can i just say that watching your baby get shots is maybe the worst thing ever?  so, so sad.  bennett took it like a champ though.  he screamed right after he got them, but within five minutes he was smiling again.  he's tougher than his mom.  i am still whining today about my sore arm from the flu shot i got yesterday.  overall his checkup went really well- he's in the 35th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height.  our pediatrician said at around six months is when the child's genetics start to really show.  naturally, joe was offended.  i looked at him like, "you're 5'7", bennett's not going to be shaq.  get over it."  anyway, one cool thing was that our doctor's office is participating in a program called "Reach Out and Read."  at every well visit from six months to five years, they give each child a developmentally-appropriate book.  the whole point is to encourage kids to read from an early age.  such a cool program!  ben loves his soft book "fuzzy bee and friends" so much that i couldn't even read it to him because it was immediately shoved into his mouth. oh, teething!

also, apparently ben has a carrot-intolerance.  yep, seriously.  who is allergic to carrots??  well, apparently our six month old.  he hates avocado (gags like crazy) and has a carrot intolerance.  so, solids are going super well for us so far.  we'll try carrots again in a few months (children's benadryl on hand) and see if he can handle them then.  he had peas today and didn't seem to gag or break out in a rash, so we're already getting somewhere.  by the looks of it, though, i doubt he'll ever be caught saying "no thanks, i don't want your extra snack pack.  i have peas." at the lunch table in school in a few years.

seriously?  this is what you're giving me?
still all smiles between bites!
can i just say, really quickly, how much i love our daycare?  it's a bit of a drive for us, but it is SO worth it.  these pictures were texted to me today from his teacher.  she sends pictures and updates during the day almost every day.  i could not be more thankful for New Creations!

on a completely unrelated note, last night for dinner i made oven fajitas using a recipe i found on pinterest.  it literally took less than ten minutes to throw together and then all you need are tortillas, cheese, sour cream, etc. (whatever toppings you like).  joe and i both loved them!  and the leftovers were really good for lunch at work today.  these will definitely be a weeknight regular for us.  just thought i'd share!

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