Monday, January 28, 2013


joe, bennett and i have been trying to get in the habit of going to church at 4pm on saturdays at eaglebrook lately.  it's the best time for us because it doesn't fall over a time bennett is napping or needing to eat.  the current sermon series is called "Losing Our Buts" and it's about getting rid of excuses.  this week's "but" was "But I Don't Have What it Takes," about feelings of inadequacy.  i think it struck close to home for both joe and i in different ways.  i know that joe struggles with worrying he doesn't have what it takes when it comes to his job.  often he feels he doesn't have the knowledge or skills to be successful and feels insecure about having less experience than others in the field.  i often feel inadequate as a mom.  i worry i'm not doing the right things, feel guilty that i'm at work all day away from bennett, and feel uncertain about how to handle different circumstances as they arise.

the biggest thing that i drew from the message this weekend was this: we have everything we need to do everything that God has called us to do.  if God has given us a role or responsibility, He has also gifted us with the tools and abilities we need to be successful in it.  if we doubt our ability and feel we don't have what it takes, we are really saying that we don't think that God has what it takes.  that was convicting for me.  God has given me the responsibility and the privilege to be bennett's mom, and has also given me the tools and ability to be the best mom i can.  when i'm feeling unsure or inadequate, i need to turn to God and thank him for the privilege of being a mom and ask him to fill me with peace and confidence that i have what it takes.

i am so thankful for friends and family members around me who have advice and guidance for me as a mom. i think that in addition to gifting me with what it takes to be bennett's mom, God has also surrounded me with a number of people who are able to encourage, support, and guide me as i navigate this course.  i am certainly not too proud to ask for help, tips, etc.!

speaking of that, we had success on night number three of crying it out!  we received tons of encouragement from friends and family that we are doing the right thing and to stay strong.  we didn't hear a peep from bennett until it was time to wake up this morning!  i'm hoping he'll keep sleeping through the night now!  :)  it was tough, but will be SO worth it, i know.

besides sleep training, we had a relaxing weekend.  saturday bennett got his third haircut (how many six month olds can say that??), and i had coffee with my friend, nicole.  we went over to jake and katie's house to have birthday cake for jake's birthday on saturday night and got to spend time with missy and brent there, too.  miss is twelve weeks pregnant and we got to see her ultrasound photos!  so exciting!  we all speculated that they're going to have a girl, but we will see.  jake and katie get to find out if they're having a boy or girl in one week!  hoping for a girl for them since they already have two boys, but obviously everyone will be excited either way.  two other of my girlfriends are pregnant too- we will be having lots of new little friends around come spring/summer!  we had bennett's six month pictures yesterday with megan daas, who did our engagement and wedding pictures, and ben's newborn photos as well.  i can't wait to see them- i think we'll have some really good ones.

Here's a sneak peek :)
jake and allison got home from their honeymoon in mexico late saturday night, so i'm hoping we'll get to see them this week sometime.  other than that, we have a pretty quiet week.  then i'm looking forward to a weekend at the cabin with my girlfriends- my first time away from bennett over night!  i'll obviously miss him a lot, but am REALLY looking forward to it!  joe, bennett and george will have a great boys' weekend :)

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