Monday, April 29, 2013

weekend recap.

we had a fabulous weekend. the weather is F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. nice and warm out (apparently not for long, but i'm choosing to not believe that).

so bennett and i got out for a every day. the fresh air felt so good, and bennett loves strolling :) joe joined us for a long walk on saturday afternoon, and we met my friend katie on sunday afternoon. i also got to a body pump class at the gym on saturday morning. i've earned 27 weight watchers activity points since last wednesday (90 calories burned = 1 activity point), so i'm feeling great about how much exercise i've been getting.

ready to get our stroll on
my advocare cleanse is getting delivered tonight (according to the fedex tracking), so i was planning to start tomorrow. BUT, we're going to see joe's brother and his family in sioux falls, south dakota this weekend, and i don't really think it's fair or realistic to expect them to cater to my dietary needs on the cleanse. and, as my mom kindly reminded me (like she thinks she knows me or something), i would be disappointed in myself if i didn't do it all the way. so i think i'm going to wait until next monday to start it and just keep doing what i'm doing between now and then. i did go to trader joe's yesterday to get a bunch of cleanse-friendly food (joe will probably move out when he sees that i bought brown rice pasta, sprouted grain bread, and almond milk). that way when we get back on sunday all i'll need to get for the cleanse is the fresh produce.

bennett learned to wave and is [selectively] doing a lot of practicing. naturally, he only waves on his terms and won't do it on command. it's ridiculously cute so i try to get him to do it all the time, much to his dismay. he was flirting and waving at the lady behind us in the checkout at trader joe's yesterday, but wouldn't wave for me all morning. typical. also lately he's been much more willing to try new foods. his favorites are turkey and chicken, and he even likes brussels sprouts. unfortunately he also seems to have quite an affinity for dog food and we have had to set up a barricade so he can't get to george's food and water bowls. george only seems mildly irritated about the obstacle course.


joe and i watched les miserables last night. i loved it. obviously the first 40 minutes or so are so depressing and make you start wondering if life is worth living, but the remaining 110 minutes really help turn that around, at least a little. also, it was a bit of a mistake to watch it with joe because he now thinks that it's both appropriate and necessary to "sing-talk" everything. we did have a solid debate about whether or not anne hathaway deserved to win the oscar for best supporting actress for a movie she literally was in for about 15 minutes. i say, yes. joe isn't sold.

no updates on the house situation yet. we decided to hold off on looking at anything in person until we hear for sure whether or not this couple is going to rent our town house. i'd rather not jump the gun and then have it all fall apart. i'm trying to be patient, but just want to know if we're moving in 3 months or not! come on, people! the clock is ticking!

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