Wednesday, April 17, 2013

back at it.

i lost 3.7 lbs this week simply by bucking down and getting back to the basics. i didn't make it to the gym, but [bennett and] i did my jillian michaels 30 day shred dvd several times. i still ate ice cream several nights, but ate a lot more fruits and veggies and focused on drinking lots of water. honestly, more than anything, this week is a good reminder to myself that it isn't rocket science. losing weight is a matter of eating mostly healthy foods, watching portion sizes, and exercising. you can still splurge and eat treats, though! my friend made us this fantastic banana cream pie that i ate on friday night, but i skipped other things throughout the week, like a cookie during a meeting yesterday at work. it's about choices and not indulging every time.

anyway, that's my two cents. i am happy to say i'm back on track and feeling good.

in other news, it has been so nice to have joe back and to know that he doesn't have any work trips coming up for a while. bennett and i do pretty well on our own, but it can be pretty tough to not have joe around to help out or even just be there. joe works so hard and i know that travel is part of the deal, but we miss him a lot when he's gone and love having him home. joe's job is stressful and he puts so much of himself into it. it's all to help set our family up for the future that we want, and this includes me eventually being a stay-at-home mom. long story short, i am thankful for and proud of joe's hard work and like when he doesn't have to travel :)

george is in his happy place when he's snuggling with dad
how can he handle being away from us?
bennett and i both came down with colds over the weekend, which has not been fun. poor little buddy had a fever and just hasn't been himself. luckily (for everyone!), grammy came and stayed with him on monday and dada stayed home with ben yesterday. joe took him to the doctor to get his ears checked (no ear infection!), so he's back at day care today. he seems to be doing much better and is getting back to his happy, smiley self (and sleeping through the night again, which is helping mama get back to her happy, smiley self too ;).

grammy coaxed a smile out of ben on his sick day home with her
self pic at the doctor with dad! love these two!
love him!

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