Wednesday, May 1, 2013

black coffee and excuses.

i'm switching to drinking my coffee black. and it kind of sucks. in fact, it sucks so much that i think it's robbing me of the joy of my morning coffee. i just don't look forward to it the same way. but i think it's better for me. mostly because i typically put lots of artificial sweetener in it. which i love. but since i want to avoid the potential of getting cancer if possible, i think i should cut down. i know there isn't proof that artificial sweeteners cause cancer, but i do know that limiting them can't hurt me. besides, they HAVE proven that consumption of artificial sweeteners (diet coke, etc.) can lead to overeating. you never thought you'd get your daily dose of science when you read this post, did you? didn't want to let anyone forget i have a master's degree. ha.

anyway, black coffee isn't as good. but hopefully i will adjust quickly and can resume my love affair with coffee.

you're probably getting sick of reading about this stupid cleanse. you can stop reading now if you are. i keep coming up with excuses to put it off. not because i don't want to do it. quite the opposite, actually. but life keeps getting in the way. i was going to start monday. tuesday we're going to bar la grassa with my family as a goodbye dinner to my cousin, noah, who has been here for the last year going to le cordon bleu to be a pastry chef but is moving back to hawaii now (i know, must be rough). bar la grassa is delicious. plus i don't want to be the downer who sits there not eating, but drooling over all the yummy food everyone else is eating. [cue whiny rant from liz.] then, thursday i have my monthly cooking club with a bunch of my girlfriends. let's face it: there's not much "clean" about the food we share there. but it's all good, and i really look forward to that each month. again, i don't want to be the lame "woe is me, i can't eat anything" girl. and then that sunday is mother's day. my first. and i want a freaking doughnut or some cake on mother's day.

despite all of this, i was thinking: when do i really have ten straight days of nothing going on?

umm, never (that's how cool i am).

so, i guess i need to just suck it up and do it, and if i have to be debbie downer for ten days, then oh well. there's always going to be an excuse not to do something, and they all might be semi-valid. but life's not going to get out of the way. it's always there, always happening, always changing. so i need to stop putting off the things i want to do because it might be challenging. cleanse, here i come...

on monday.

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