Tuesday, April 2, 2013

say a little prayer.

we're leaving tomorrow morning for south carolina to spend a long weekend with my family. they're renting a house on pauly's island near myrtle beach for a few weeks so we are going to go soak up some sun and ocean with them and my brother and his wife. things have been stressful lately with family stuff and this vacation is much needed. i. can't. wait.

we are taking bennett with us, which i'm so excited about, but i must admit i am anxious about the flight. he just does not like sitting still. he's an active boy who's always on the move, so i foresee some difficulty in getting him to sit on our laps for several hours. also, he does not sleep in our arms usually, so getting him to take a nap could be a challenge. and we all know that bennett takes after his dad (ha) and that a sleepy bennett is a crabby bennett. there are not direct flights from minneapolis/st. paul to myrtle beach (what is that about?!), so we fly from here to charlotte, have an hour and a half layover there, and then fly from charlotte to myrtle beach. i'm hoping that we can push him in his stroller during our layover and let him fall asleep for a bit then. i'm going to be armed with plenty of snacks, bottles, sippy cups, toys, books, etc. to hopefully keep ben (and joe) occupied and entertained.

pray for me.

i've been pretty off track with my weight loss endeavors, though fortunately it doesn't seem to be fully reflected on the scale. at least not yet. i'm going to do my best to make good choices and go for lots of walks  while we're on vacation and then really buckle down when we get home. after all, it's almost cabin season, and you know what that means. swimsuits. yikes.

again, pray for me.

all i keep thinking about is that scene in my best friend's wedding where they all start singing dionne warwick's "i say a little prayer for you." so good.

 our last week photo recap:

happy boy

on a stroll!
snacktime! ben loves eating cheese!
my friday morning: coffee, us weekly, and the baby monitor
having fun with his "computer" at his sleepover with grammy and papa t
happy easter!
exploring the tent at daycare
5th haircut!

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  1. Super cute Easter pic Liz! Best flying advice (we did it with sam at 7 months old and again at 14 months)- try not to care what other people think! Everyones been there- and its only a few hours ...!! Have fun -enjoy your vacation:)