Thursday, April 25, 2013

you are more important than this number.

i am still thinking about trying a cleanse. i have just been plateaued right around the same weight for weeks- up and down, up and down. everything i've read about plateaus says you have to mix things up to break through it, so maybe a cleanse is the ticket? anyone had any experience with a cleanse? i've said this before, but i feel the need to explain myself again. when i'm talking about a cleanse, i'm not meaning like water with cayenne pepper and lemon in it. i more mean eating "clean" (no sugar, no processed foods, etc.) and taking a supplement. most of the ones i've looked into are 7-10 days. theoretically it's supposed to be a "jump start." i don't know. i've been talking about it for weeks and haven't done it yet so i'm clearly not sold, but i'm semi-intrigued. joe has discussed trying a juice fast in the past. however, he was highly disappointed when i informed him that a juice fast consists of drinking fresh vegetable juices and not just having jamba juice smoothies multiple times a day. that was the end of that.

anyway, i do know that even though the scale seems to keep hovering around the same spot, my body is changing. my clothes fit better, i am down several sizes, and even joe keeps telling me he thinks i look "skinny." obviously he is exaggerating, but i will take it :)

why does it seem that the scale is the only measure of success that i really care about, at the end of the day? i know that how i feel and how my clothes fit is what matters, but i place [almost] all of my focus on the number on the scale. it's dumb, i know, but i am not sure how to change it. maybe i need to just throw the scale away. ignorance is bliss, as they say. honestly, though, it seems like that wouldn't really get at the root of the problem. i need to learn to not let that number have so much power over how i feel about myself.

i really don't know why anyone would ever get a hello kitty tattoo on their foot, but whatever.
i'm so thankful that the weather is supposed to be really nice all weekend. like, 70s and sunny nice. so, hopefully bennett and i can get out for a few walks and enjoy the warmth. the exercise will be good for me, and i think the fresh air will be good for both of us! though i do need to find the sunshade for our stroller and put that on. mr. b does NOT like sun in his eyes :) by the way, for anyone who is having a baby anytime soon... i'm obsessed with our stroller. it's the baby jogger city mini gt (yes, it does sound like a car) and it's the best thing ever.

our little buddy is pulling himself up on literally everything now. joe lowered his crib so at least i no longer have to worry [as much] about serious head injuries. also, apparently bennett has a girlfriend at daycare. her name is teagan and she only shares her blankie with bennett. if anyone else touches it, she cries. bennett tackled her yesterday and kissed her face. oh boy.

mmmm... peas are yummy!
bennett thinks drinking out of mama's water bottle is really fun

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