Tuesday, April 23, 2013

random musings.

things at work are heating up. i'm now coordinating several upcoming events, like a large training and working lunch. i'm also working on marketing in a number of capacities (facebook, letters, personal contacts,  etc.). yesterday i had a meeting with an exec at medica who said that i'm doing a great job, that i'm extremely organized, and that other clinics should learn from me how to credential their providers. the meeting was with him and two of our directors, so it felt good to get that feedback in front of some of my superiors. so, pretty much, i'm an exemplary employee. who blogs at work. ha.

i saw janice last night. her red and black sports bra looked new (though it did look like a throw-back to the early 90s. i wonder where you can even buy that stuff anymore). her new mantra apparently is "THIS IS NOT A BREAK!" when we're doing squats and lunges. don't worry, janice. i wouldn't dare think you'd give us a break.

the weather is literally killing me softly. with its song. and i think its song is a christmas carol. i promise i won't complain about the heat in the dead of summer this year. last year i had an excuse since i was 8 months pregnant and ginormous and hadn't seen my ankles in weeks. thankfully this year i do not have that excuse (unlike basically ALL my friends right now). so, bring on the heat and humidity.

yep, it's april. happy spring!
fortunately, the snow provided some comic relief when joe let my parents' dog out while wearing my coat, scarf and boots with his gym shorts.
 the show new girl is sooooo good. if you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor and start now. bennett apparently thinks it's really funny too. i was walking around yesterday quoting schmidt by shouting, "ALL DAY!" and ben was laughing harder than i've ever heard him laugh. i always knew we had the same sense of humor.

speaking of bennett, he pulled himself up this weekend for the first time. one step closer to walking! we really need to lower his crib because right now if he stood up in it he would fall out in one second. which, in case you're not a parent and don't know, is not ideal.

he still hasn't had a single tooth come through, but i keep dreaming about his teeth. last night i dreamt that one of his bottom teeth came through and it was long and skinny and weird-looking. and it wouldn't stop growing. it was like pinocchio's nose. creepy. also creepy: when i was pregnant with him i had a dream that bennett was born with all his teeth and he was walking and talking. in the dream i was freaking out and all the doctors were like, "what's your problem? this is totally normal." turns out he's almost ten months old now and hasn't gotten a tooth, walked, or talked. med school, schmed school.

we went to MOA this weekend for a little family outing and had a lot of fun together. turns out macy's at mall of america has a pinkberry in it. OMG i always get pinkberry when i go to new york, but i didn't know they had one here. obviously i introduced joe to it and enjoyed my peanut butter pinkberry with chocolate chips, graham crackers, and banana. soooo good.

this is REALLY mean to say, but i'll say it anyway- despite what the woman in the background of this pic may imply, pinkberry is a healthy, low-cal snack :)

and i got this shirt at old navy for $6.50!
this was the most random post ever. if you read it all, i'm impressed. and a little scared for you.

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