Wednesday, March 27, 2013

don't you dare stop.

i didn't want to go to the gym on monday, but i did anyway. and i'm glad i did. mostly because i got a really good workout and felt better afterwards. but also because i met janice. actually, i don't know what her name is. but she looks like a janice. or a roxanne. anyway, janice was the teacher of the class. picture this: 5'0" mid-forties woman, orange fake tan to the max, long blonde hair, black capri leggings with matching cotton sports bra top, tennies with white crew socks, and a headset like britney spears. now, tell me her name isn't janice. i truly wish i could've snuck a pic, but i feel like the people around me in the packed class would've judged me. there were probably 40 people in this class, all following janice's every move. which isn't weird because she's the fitness instructor and you're supposed to do what she does. but janice is not your average fitness instructor. janice is bouncy. janice is intense. in fact, she is a maniac. her energy never declined even for a second during the whole hour. she high-kicked (and i mean HIGH-kicked) her way through the crowd of class-goers, all the while yelling "HIGHER!" "GET LOW!" "DON'T YOU DARE STOP!"

i seriously wouldn't dare stop.

and i'll probably be back at her class tonight. let's do this, jan.

so i'm considering a "cleanse." partly because they're trendy and i feel left out. but partly because i just feel like i've been struggling lately with my eating. just doing like a ten-day cleanse may help me jump-start things again. there's one from advocare that i've heard good things about. you basically eat clean (meat, veggies, fruits- no carbs, dairy, sugar) and take this herbal supplement. i don't want to do anything crazy. i'm the first person to judge anyone going "paleo" or "vegan" or "healthy." just kidding on the healthy. sort of. i have a coworker who is doing some version of the paleo diet and all i keep talking about is gummy worms and chocolate. but part of me wonders if maybe a cleanse of some sort would be a good thing for me. please believe i'll whine about it the whole time.

should i do it?

bennett is currently on his own cleanse. his diet currently consists of formula, yogurt melts, gerber puffs, baby yogurt, and forced bites of baby food (which usually results in both of us crying). when i tell him that he needs to eat, this is what i get:

his way or the highway. just like his dad (ha).

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