Wednesday, March 6, 2013

snow day & 8 month update.

i got a text yesterday morning letting me know that daycare was closed due to the snow. i felt bad i couldn't go to work, but i must admit a day at home with my favorite little man was a welcome surprise! we had a great day. ben took a great nap in the morning. then we went to the doctor- he still seemed to not be feeling well the last couple of days so i wanted to get his ears checked out again. they were clear! the pediatrician thinks it's probably his teeth bothering him so she said to keep up with the tylenol as needed. also, turns out he has eczema, so we got a prescription ointment for that and then headed to target to get some aquaphor. that stuff is expensive and it's literally like slathering him with vaseline (gross). the doctor said that if we could pick him up with one hand after putting the aquaphor on, we didn't use enough. we passed the test- he was so slippery after covering him in it! bennett seemed confused on what we were doing to him, but quickly settled into being massaged.

other than going to the doctor and target, we did laundry, cleaned, and practiced crawling. in the last couple of days ben has gotten his knees under him and started rocking. i think i need to pick up some baby gates asap!

our buddy is 8 months old today.  C.R.A.Z.Y.

here are his stats:

bennett weighs 18 lbs 13 oz and is 27 inches long. as i said, he's *almost* crawling.  he "talks" and "sings" constantly. he loves to eat still, but has gotten to the point where he doesn't love to sit to drink his bottle. we have to give that to him before his actual food now or else he'll hardly drink any of it.

breakfast- 4 oz bottle + fruit + oatmeal
lunch- 4 oz bottle + veggie + fruit
snack- 4 oz bottle + baby yogurt
dinner- 4 oz bottle + meat/veggie + fruit
snack- 4-6 oz bottle

he's getting both breastmilk and formula now. his favorite foods are sweet potatoes, prunes, and the blueberry/beet/banana blend. he recognizes the signs for "milk" and "eat", but hasn't signed them himself yet. bennett just learned how to drink out of a sippy so we practice that each day at mealtime. still no teeth, so he is rocking the gummy smile!  he's had 4 haircuts because he has his mama's thick hair that grows crazy fast. he loves taking baths and splashing in the water. he also loves music and watching TV (don't judge). his favorite books are "what's wrong, little pookie?" and "oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs!"  bennett sleeps through the night 99% of the time now and takes 2 naps a day (usually one longer and one shorter). plus he gets catnaps in the car because he can't seem to stay awake long while we're driving. ben is SUCH a happy boy and we are crazy about him. it's so fun to watch him grow and learn new things everyday.

smooches from mama while waiting for the doctor
going from sitting to his tummy
always movin'
playing with his puppy from auntie jeanie and uncle ryan
george never used to sleep in his bed- but now he does because bennett can't get him there

i say it all the time, but we are so blessed. i don't ever want to take that for granted.

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