Friday, March 8, 2013

complete the sentence...

today is my last friday at work! woo hoo! i'm so looking forward to a day a week at home with my little buddy. bennett is excited too, i'm sure.

we have a fun weekend planned. tonight we're going out to dinner with a couple of my girlfriends and their husbands. uncle jake is babysitting for ben. we're going to chiang mai thai in uptown... mmmm, pad thai. it's been too long. tomorrow i'll go to the gym in the morning and then we'll just relax most of the day. we usually go to church at 4pm on saturdays, so we'll do that and then i'm going to go hang out with my friend/coworker, andrea, and joe and bennett are going to joe's friend blake's house to divvy up the twins season tickets.  sunday we have no plans. not-a-one. can't wait.

my "official" weigh in today was up from that good number from yesterday. still a loss for the week, but a little disappointing. oh well, hopefully it'll be back down by the next weigh in. also i just had to drop my daily points down by 7 since i'm not nursing anymore. this could be a challenge.

so i like to follow a lot of different blogs, and one that i like to read, where we can live like jack and sally, is doing a link-up. the 2 people with the funniest responses get a $10 starbucks card. we all know how much i love starbucks. but really it's just for fun. enjoy!


1. People always tell me i have the cutest baby ever. and i do. obvs.
2. in the movie based on my life, i think the perfect "liz" would be giselle. we look a lot alike and both lost the baby weight overnight. it's perfect.
3. typically i end up regretting letting my gas light stay on as long as possible before i fill up the tank. but i still do it every time.
4. i always ask to leave off the raw onions. gross. who wants to smell like onions for 3 straight weeks?
5. kim and kanye really need to tweet more often. i never know what's going on with them minute to minute. 
6. my parents always reminded me that i will look back on our first few years of marriage when we were broke as some of the best years. still not sure about that.
7. every single day i could commit a violent crime before having my coffee.
8. this one time in college i went on a choir "spring break" trip. to iowa. it was the worst spring break ever.
9. my grossest habit is popping zits (mostly joe's). i'm pumped when one pops and sprays the mirror. literally one of the more gratifying things in life.
10. my latest white lie was telling someone their baby was cute, when really their baby kind of looked like a hobbit. i pray that kid grows into his face.
11. i know all the words to pretty much every episode in all 10 seasons of friends. oh, and the shane company radio commercials.
12. when i grow up i want to be a group fitness or yoga instructor. seriously, it looks fun.
13. sexy time is should be saved for marriage. i might be in the minority on that.
14. i will never, ever be a runner. not because i can't. because it sucks.
15. i think it's hilarious when ellen scares her celeb guests. so good.


  1. to a fellow friends lover, cheers! thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Hi!! Visiting from the link up and love your blog! I love Ellen!!

    I'm hosting a great giveaway right now...and have 3 more coming this month. So make sure you stop by and become my newest friend! Hope to see you!! :)

  3. I saved the sexy little times for marriage and it rocks...You're not that minority ;)