Tuesday, April 29, 2014

losing the baby weight: round two.

i know it's probably too early to be thinking much about this, but let's face it: i am anyway. i'm talking about losing the baby weight. i wasn't exactly as successful in limiting the weight gain as i set out to be with this pregnancy and instead gained about 40 pounds. yikes. 

although thats about what i gained with bennett too, so it shouldn't really be shocking. and this time around i started at about ten pounds less than i weighed when i got pregnant with bennett.

i either am remembering incorrectly or the weight isn't falling off right away like i think it did after i had bennett. i had bennett in july and was really swollen from the heat, so i'm sure it was water weight that came off fairly effortlessly. but still, i remember watching the number on the scale drop rapidly over the first couple weeks after having bennett without any work on my part. unfortunately i'm not having the same experience this time around.

i'm just now starting to make changes to my diet because i really don't like the number i'm seeing on the scale and it's not moving on its own. so, i'm going to do something about it. i know i only had a baby a month ago and need to give it time, but the dairy queen stops and takeout that became routine toward the end of my pregnancy are not helping and i need to get back to some healthier habits.

trying on clothes is extremely depressing- my maternity clothes don't fit right but my regular clothes don't fit yet either. this awkward in-between stage is tough. i bought a few new things to help get me through for now- the last thing i need is to have nothing to wear and feel even worse.

i'm not making much of an effort to work out just yet. i wanted to give myself six weeks to heal and settle into life with two kids before i really make exercise a priority. plus i can take both boys to the Y once hunter is six weeks old. i've done a few walks outside on the three nice days we have had since hunter was born (i swear that's not a joke). i think just starting with diet will help- exercise will come in time.

thank goodness kids are so fun and make life way better because the weight gain, stretch marks, etc. are not too fun. it is a small price to pay, though!

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