Tuesday, May 6, 2014

one month.

this post is a little late, but with two kids it's not as easy to keep on top of the monthly updates! poor second children...

hunter is one month old (actually almost 6 weeks but whatever)! honestly he has been a piece of cake so far... knock on wood. i'm not sure if he's an easier baby than i remember bennett being or if i'm just more laid back this time around. probably a little of both. for the most part he only cries when he is hungry. he gets a little fussy in the evenings, but nothing a little swaddling and extra nursing can't handle.

hunter is growing like a weed and is much chubbier (and we both think maybe a little cuter- but probably shouldn't say that) than bennett was at his age. in fact, we affectionately call him "chub chub." that probably can't continue too long or he may have issues!

nursing has been a breeze now that he has gotten more efficient. at first it was taking him an hour or longer each feeding, but now it's about 15 minutes. he's taken bottles pretty easily too, which has helped me have a much needed break. hunter isn't as easy for joe to soothe yet so i know those couple times he's flown solo with the boys so far haven't been super easy for him. thankfully he is patient and more than encouraging of me getting out for breaks. we remember him struggling through his first solo nights with bennett too, but both think hunter is a little more of a mama's boy. can't say i mind ;)

sleep is going sooo well (again, knock on wood). hunter has started consistently sleeping for a 5 hour or longer stretch at night, usually about 10:30-4:30ish. two nights ago it was 11-6! heaven. then he goes down again after eating for about 2 more hours or so. as with bennett, hunter has been in his crib at night since we brought him home and he's done great. i'm all about skipping unnecessary transitions! we do swaddle him at night but then in the morning he seems to like sleeping on my bed unswaddled for a while while i drink coffee and watch good morning america :)

he seems to like his paci, too :) at first i hesitated to give him one too much because i didn't want him to have the same dependence on it that bennett did. then i realized it's a good tool to help him self-soothe and that in the grand scheme, breaking the paci habit wasn't all that bad with bennett so we can do it again. the benefits outweigh the drawbacks in my opinion!

we are so thankful for hunter and what he adds to out little family!

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