Thursday, April 10, 2014

life with two.

things have been different around here lately! life with two is fun but busy!

easily the best part is watching bennett interact with hunter. he is unbelievably sweet with him and constantly says "hi, un-tah!", gives him smooches, and rubs his head. bennett also loves giving hunter high fives, though hunter usually gets a little startled! bennett is usually super gentle with him; sometimes he leans on him when he goes in for a smooch, so we are working on that. it's so fun to see them together and i am excited to see how their relationship evolves over time.

my morning view these days

getting out of the house is much more challenging than it was with just one. i asked my friend who has 3 kids if i'll ever be on time for anything again. she said it only gets worse... at least i'm not alone! most of our outings thus far have been successful at least. i learned the hard way that i need to take a carrier with me to target when i have both boys... there is no room for anything if i have bennett in the seat of the cart and hunter in the basket of the cart in his car seat. when we went to the library last week bennett did not want to stay by me and took off running a couple times, not listening when i told him to stop. that's tough anytime, but now that i have hunter i can't just run immediately after him. it was stressful but i am hoping bennett can learn quickly to listen when i tell him to stay close.

so mischievous

i have been able to get both boys napping at the same time many afternoons, which has been amazing. most days i have napped too! it is much needed rest for all of us! the house, laundry, etc. have been low on the priority list, but that's starting to catch up with me. i will soon start using nap time to get things done, but for now i'm taking my opportunities to sleep when i can get them.

nursing has been going well. hunter is growing and packing on the pounds! i'm struggling a bit because he often falls asleep while eating. this means lots of nursing because as soon as i put him down he wakes up wanting to eat more. i try to keep him awake but sometimes it's so much work that i give up. i know it will get better as he gets bigger, so i'm trying to not stress about it. i just feel badly for bennett that i'm constantly feeding hunter, but i guess that's just part of the adjustment. bennett is handling it better than i am, i think :)

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