Thursday, January 30, 2014

valentine's day toddler art.

i think valentine's day is a fun holiday. i know it's a "made up" holiday in a lot of people's opinion, but hey, i will take any excuse to eat sweets, buy festive decor, and tell/show those i love that i love them. adding a toddler into the mix makes it even more fun to embrace holiday fun. i was inspired by a blog i follow to bust out the non-existent crafty side of myself and attempt an art project with ben this year for valentine's day.

i tend to avoid art-type projects because i think about the mess and want to spare myself the extra work. but honestly it doesn't typically end up requiring all that much extra effort and bennett and i have fun doing something different. plus it makes me feel like less of a lazy stay-at-home mom when we have done an activity like this. win-win, right?

toilet paper roll heart stamps

in the end, bennett liked scribbling with the pen more than stamping. he kept taking his paint-covered hands and reaching out to me saying "sticky" and making a disgusted face. apparently he doesn't like the mess either... that's my boy. also we had a finger-paint-in-the-mouth incident that pretty much brought art time to an abrupt end with crying and gagging involved...

i think our next valentine's activity will involve baking. that way gagging is sure to be avoided. at least i hope.

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