Thursday, January 9, 2014

18 months.

bennett james is 18 months old. i just can't handle how quickly time passes. not to mention that i'm now less than 3 months from having 2 under 2. yikes.

honestly, i am loving this stage with bennett right now. he is literally a sponge, soaking up his environment and repeating/imitating EVERYTHING. it's amazing to watch. also, i'm not sure what the difference is but he has mellowed out a bit even in just the last couple weeks. maybe it's a slower pace with being home with me full-time, but whatever it is,he just seems overall less "fragile." bringing him to target or a restaurant doesn't induce a blood pressure spike for me anymore because he just kind of goes with the flow for the most part. obviously bennett is still strong-willed and he is typically either hot or cold (not much for middle ground), but let's face it: he's a toddler and he's my child. he comes by it honestly.

favorite things: 

books, books, and books. seriously he reads all. day. long. he wouldn't need a single other toy, as long as he has his "buuuts." he brings books to joe and i and rubs his tummy (the sign for please) and says "peeees." who could say no to that? other times he will flip though books on his own, making the sounds of the animals on the pages or saying "oh no!" during appropriate parts of the stories. it's adorable.

milk. this kid would subside on milk alone if we let him. he drinks probably 32 oz of whole milk a day i average. he eats a lot too. some favorite foods include: cheese, yogurt, bananas, peas, peanut butter, mandarin oranges, "cack-ahs" (crackers), pancakes, noodles, turkey, fruit snacks, etc. bennett eats what we eat for the most part- lasagna, tacos, whatever. he still struggles with some foods, though, because he only has 6 teeth (2 aren't even all the way in yet...). slowest teether ever.

bubble guppies and curious george. we try not to let bennett watch too much tv, but an episode of curious george in the morning and an episode of bubble guppies before bed are fairly typical. he loves dancing along with the bubble guppies songs and making monkey noises with george. the cuddles during shows are worth any potential harm we are causing by allowing screen time...

"tuts" (trucks) and "choo choos." i swear boys have some gene that allows them to make realistic-sounding vehicle noises. the novelty is lost on me but i'll play anything with that kid...

brushing his "seece" (teeth) and taking baths. glad to have a kid who's into good hygiene.

singing. bennett has always loved music. we go to an ecfe music class every friday that he loves and now he's becoming familiar with many of the songs. at home we sing the ABCs to him and he will occasionally chime in with a random "y!" if he's having a meltdown in the car or on the changing table, singing the ABCs will completely calm him down 99% of the time. he also loves singing elton john's "rocket man" with joe. who knows...

babies. i have several friends with little babies and bennett is a fan. he loves giving them hugs, putting in their nuks, etc. he's a little rough, so we are working on being gentle. bennett is also loving rubbing mama's belly and saying "hi, baby!" hoping the feelings of affection last after the baby moves in with us at the end of march!

george. the feeling is not mutual, but bennett loves our dog, george. joe put it best when he said that george and ben are like shrek and donkey. donkey loves shrek and thinks they are best friends while shrek tolerates donkey at best and mostly just wants to be left alone.

least favorite things include diaper changes (though it has gotten better in the past few weeks), hearing "no," and lately, going to sleep. with his nuk, nap time and bedtime was tear-free. unfortunately now it's a little rough. i'm hopeful this will pass soon...

we are just so in love with out little guy and i am loving getting to spend my days with him now that I'm a stay-at-home mom! can't wait to see him as a big brother soon!

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