Thursday, January 30, 2014


so we have a new baby joining our family in less than seven weeks. seven. yikes. we don't have a nursery put together, car seat installed, or hospital bag packed. and honestly, i'm starting to panic a little. we have to prepare the downstairs bedroom that bennett will be moving into (paint the walls and install an actual door instead of the weird accordion door that's there currently), move him down there, and set up the nursery (which involves painting a dresser, too). we have to find, assemble, and organize all the baby stuff. good thing time and energy are two things we have an abundance of. oh wait, no. we have neither.

i'm nervous (surprise, surprise) about transitioning bennett to a new room. i'm not sure how he will respond. i mean, i'm sure he will be fine. after all, we made it through the loss of the nuk (though, did i tell you that he now picked up a finger-sucking habit? perfect.). we are keeping him in a crib; he is still little and i just don't think he's ready for a big boy bed yet. or maybe it's me who's not ready. but regardless, in a crib he will stay. til he's seven. teen. we decided to keep bennett in his same crib, rather than giving the "nicer" nursery set to the baby. bennett is facing so many changes: new room, new brother, new need to share everything; i want to at least allow him one constant by letting him keep his same bed. the baby won't have a preference either way and if it gives bennett a little sense of normalcy, then it's worth it. plus, let's face it- we will need bennett to sleep well more than ever when the babe comes.

we have the second crib. we are painting a dresser and glider we have and my mom is making slip covers for the cushions. we have the nursery bedding. the whale theme didn't happen. we decided on a gray, white and light blue color scheme based on a cute lion sheet we found at pottery barn kids.

i had already bought this gray and white bumper, so i bought the matching crib skirt.

i also bought a solid blue sheet and some blue changing table covers.

we need curtains and blinds for bennett's new room. we also need some wall decor for the nursery. i want to do these zinc letters from anthropologie to spell the baby's name over the crib. but at $18 each, i think instead i'll attempt to diy them based on a tutorial i found on pinterest. i want to do a gallery-style wall with photo ledges and want to include one of these adorable lion mirrors.

so at least we are getting there, right? i really wanted to get some new stuff for bennett's room, but we will hold off until we are ready to put him in a bed and get some new bedding and decor at that time.

my mom and i chose a date that she's going to come help me put together the two rooms, so now we need to get going on the painting so things are ready by then. 

i ordered a breast pump this week and we bought our double stroller. i've also been picking up clothes for the baby here and there. yesterday at my appointment the doctor asked me if i was getting prepared for labor. my response? "umm, not really. but i suppose i should, huh?" so, with encouragement from my mom, i am working on a to do list for myself (including things like making the "zinc" letters, washing baby clothes, organizing baby items, packing the hospital bag, taking things to sell at once upon a child, etc.).

let the countdown begin!

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