Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new year.

as i explained last year around this time, i set new year's resolutions about every year. follow-through is the part i struggle with. but since i'm working to focus on progress, not perfection, resolutions still seem to be appropriate. these are all things i am working on anyway and have talked about here [at length, i know], so it's really more a summary of where i intend to focus my time and energy. so, in no particular order, here are my 2014 resolutions:

1. make God more a part of my everyday. i tend to compartmentalize God- i go to church and think about my faith then, i read devotions, pray (though mostly at mealtimes, if i am being honest), etc. but turning to God when i am frustrated with bennett, folding laundry, driving in my car, etc. or even thanking God for all He has blessed me with throughout the day just doesn't really occur to me. i want to be intentional about including God even in the mundane, routine parts of my life.

2. pay off debt and save money. we get our bills paid on time and have more than what we need, but rather than aggressively paying off debts and putting money away, "extra" often goes to straight to us... shopping, eating out, whatever. while some of that is fine, when we aren't saving what we could be or paying down money that we owe more quickly, it's just irresponsible. and now that i'm not bringing home a paycheck, we (ok, let's face it i) need to be even more disciplined about sticking to our budget and working toward our financial goals.

3. exercise regularly. i have a membership at the Y and am home with bennett now. no excuses not to get in a workout a few times a week. i want this to be about how it makes me feel, not the "results"- weight lost, calories burned, etc. it's just about moving more and feeling more energetic.

4. keep our house clean/organized. maintain, maintain, maintain. do a little bit each day to keep things in order and not let it get out of hand and become a source of unnecessary stress. simple as that, right?

5. ditch dieting and level out the ups and downs as it relates to food and my weight/appearance. see my recent posts for more details.

6. make date night a priority. there were far too many long periods of time that passed in 2013 when joe and i hadn't gotten out alone together on a date. it's easy to have happen- we ask people to babysit when we have something come up but rarely just for the sake of getting out together. but i think our relationship suffered from not having intentional time set aside to do something together- just the two of us. so, whether it's having a family member come hang with bennett (and soon to be baby boy #2), or hiring a babysitter, we want to make date night happen at least once a month.

and, oh yeah, 7. have a baby. can't forget that one...

while new year's resolutions may not be discussed in the bible, starting anew is. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!" that's what i want- transformation.

wishing you all a happy new year! 2014 is going to be a good one, i think!

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