Tuesday, December 24, 2013

feeling celebrated.

i had my last day at work on thursday and it was a great day. it was definitely sad to say goodbye; i had a fantastic group of coworkers who are supportive and encouraging and fun. i also worked for a great company run by great people. it's rare to find a work environment where you feel valued and cared for like i felt at family innovations.

my coworkers had a big potluck breakfast for me, complete with cub doughnuts (my favorite!). they all wrote sweet notes in a card and gave me a big balloon, knowing bennett would love to play with it. i also got emails and notes from the directors who weren't able to make it to the breakfast as well as a number of other coworkers from different office locations. the owner of the company came to the breakfast and told me that i'm welcome back anytime. i felt truly honored by everyone's thoughtfulness and kindness.

my sadness to leave, however, didn't make me question my decision to leave to be with my kiddos. 

"there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." -ecclesiastes 3:1

this verse perfectly describes where i am at; my season for a career is over (at least for now) and my season to pour my energy into my family is here. i have a true sense that this is where i'm meant to be and my heart is full of gratitude that joe and i were able to make this choice both personally and financially. i'm so blessed. (i'll try my best to remember that on days when bennett has spit food out of his mouth for the hundredth time and had multiple meltdowns about diaper changes and putting on his winter hat...)

my first day of "retirement," as i like to call it, was very productive. i was able to get caught up on laundry and get the house put together, since joe's older brother, jeffrey, and his wife, robin, were coming over that night. joe was home for a good part of the day, so he helped a bunch, which made things so much easier. it has felt good to just have to work on maintaining the house over the last few days, rather than having an overwhelming amount of work to do.

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