Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ten months.

ok so i'm trying to control my minor freak out about having a baby that's almost a year old. these past ten months have flown by. i know i keep saying that, but it continues to blow my mind.

eating is going really well. bennett is drinking 8 oz bottles 5 times a day and eating lots of solid foods (despite his continued lack of teeth). turkey and chicken are his favorite foods, along with cheese, avocados, butternut squash and, of course, puffs and yogurt bites. we are realizing more and more that our little friend looooves salty foods. (i guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.) he's not eating much baby food anymore, mostly because he's not interested in being spoon-fed by us. he will eat (drink?) baby food from a pouch fairly consistently. bennett is a mini version of his uncle jake in a lot of ways, food being a major one of them. when bennett is hungry, he is HANGRY. don't try to get between this little man and his bottle or you will regret it.

sleep is going well most of the time, too. ben is in bed by 7:15pm and usually wakes up anywhere between 6-6:30am. at daycare he struggles with naps, and we're sure it has to do with how social he is. if there's any sort of action, bennett wants in. i seriously think aerosmith's "i don't wanna miss a thing" is his theme song.

don't wanna close my eyes.
i don't wanna fall asleep
cause i'd miss you babe
and i don't wanna miss a thing.
pretty much sums him up. we're lucky if we can get a couple of hour-long naps out of him in a day at daycare. and he usually snoozes for 20 minutes or so on the drive home.

at home on fridays, saturdays and sundays he usually takes two naps (8:30am and 12:30pm) at around an hour and a half each.

bennett laughs in the face of crawling now. he can get from point a to point b as fast as lightning. he goes from laying to sitting to standing in no time flat.

he's able to walk fairly well behind a little toy for balance and i'm sure he'll be cruising soon.

my family has a pool going of when he's going to take his first unassisted steps. may 23rd (grammy), june 2nd (auntie jeanie) and june 6th (papa t) are the current bets. all i care is that it doesn't happen at daycare, but his teacher knows to lie to me if it does! between the crawling and standing, we have had quite a few falls so far and bennett is learning to be a tough boy. joe constantly tells me not to baby him every time he falls, but i mostly ignore that. half the time the only snuggles i get from my busy babe are when he falls down and is sad. let's face it: i shamelessly take what i can get.

we're doing lots of clapping and waving. he still doesn't seem to want to sign "milk" or "more," but he for sure understands them when we do them.

he's still hating diaper changes and getting dressed, which continues to make things interesting. also he recently decided that baths are for chumps and he cries, screams and tries to climb out the whole time. so i guess he'll just be the stinky kid with avocado in his hair for the time being. bennett loves music, reading books, going for walks in his stroller, playing airplane and peek-a-boo, and getting into everything that he's not supposed to (think: dog food, garbage cans, cell phone charger cords, toilet paper, etc.).

we can hardly imagine life without our spunky, curious, feisty, determined little boy. we just love him so much.

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