Thursday, May 30, 2013

going nuts.

ok so after the cleanse i went a little nuts. well, actually, it had nothing to do with nuts. nuts are cleanse-friendly. so i went a little chocolate. and bread. and cheese. and diet coke.

i've been thinking almost every day for over a week, "today i'm getting back on track." i don't know that i've really made it "on track" past lunch on any one of those days. also, i haven't seen the inside of the gym in weeks. not good. why does it seem so easy to keep going with positive changes when you're already going in that direction but it's so hard to start again once you've stopped? i didn't take physics but i'm pretty sure there's a principle like "an object in motion stays in motion." so i'm thinking this applies to habits like eating right, exercising, drinking water, etc. i need to get back in motion (literally and figuratively) but i just can't seem to make it happen.

today's the day.

coffee does not count as water.
cherry laffy taffy does not count as fruit.
and a frappuccino does not count as dairy.

i know with our schedule over the next couple of months, i'm going to be really busy and eating right is going to be a challenge. just the rundown of the plans has me exhausted...

denver to visit my cousin and her husband 6/14-6/17 (joe's birthday 6/15, my birthday & fathers day 6/16)
independence day at the cabin 7/3-7/7 (bennett's 1st birthday 7/6)
zac brown band/kenny chesney/eric church concert 7/12
bennett's 1st birthday party 7/13
closing date 7/15
paint, paint, paint; move, move, move
renters move in 8/10

obviously i need to plan ahead in order to not gain a million pounds over the summer from a diet consisting only of pizza and takeout. i really need to think about making some meals and freezing them so we can just pop them in the oven and have something healthy for dinner without spending a lot of time.

i think this weekend will be spent grocery shopping and cooking, plus sorting, organizing, and packing.

hopefully a little thoughtful planning will help keep me from going nuts. again.

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