Thursday, July 10, 2014

losing the baby weight update.

i started using myfitnesspal to track my calories and prioritizing exercise about five weeks ago. a switch flipped in my head and i just made the commitment to losing weight. i got tired of feeling badly about myself and mentally vowing to "start again tomorrow" to justify stuffing myself full of crap today. too many "last hoorah's" and too few positive steps were just keeping me stuck in a cycle of defeat.

fishy four walk/run in chetek over the fourth

on a walk at the cabin with my workout buddy, hunter

anyway, over the last five weeks i've lost nine pounds. i feel good about that progress and am excited to see my hard work paying off. i'm really trying to keep my calories in check and i'm doing strength training classes at the Y, the 30 day shred dvd, and lots of walking.

i have a long way to go... and the last couple days i have felt myself slipping and struggling a bit more. i need to reign it in and not lose momentum. i know this journey has it's ups and downs so i need to be able to bounce back when i hit an obstacle or challenge. i'm fortunate to have the support of joe and several friends, which makes all the difference.

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