Tuesday, June 24, 2014

three months.

umm, where does the time go? seriously. how do i have a three month old already? 

hunter is an absolute joy. he is so smiley, so laid back, so sweet and cuddly. he is pretty predictable. you know how some moms say they know what their baby needs based on their cries? i never had that with bennett. i didn't feel like i always knew what he wanted or needed and i often felt uncertain and unsure. with hunter it's the opposite. i truly feel like we are in-tune. i'm not sure if this is because hunter is different or if it's because i'm a more experienced mom at this point; but whatever it is, it feels good to feel confident more often than not that i know what i'm doing.

hunter is eating every two hours during the day, except for one longer stretch during afternoon nap. he eats about 2-3 oz per feeding (that's a guess based on the occasional bottle he gets- he mostly just nurses). he really only cries when he's hungry and otherwise is just cool as a cucumber. basically, he's baby joe. bennett and i are more feisty and tend to get fired up fairly easily whereas joe and hunter are not often rattled and tend to go with the flow.

hunter's sleep has continued to go well.

we have had a few random nights where he's been up a couple times but for the most part he sleeps from 10pm until sometime between 3:30-5:30ish, then goes back down after he eats for another three hours or so. he loves to be tightly swaddled and loves his paci :)

i've been a little concerned because hunter's head is pretty flat in the back.

i've talked to a relative of one of my friends who is an occupational therapist and prescribes cranial caps (baby helmets). she said his flatness is mild and it is symmetrical so she thinks it can be pretty easily corrected with increased tummy time. it made me feel much better and we have been doing lots of tummy time.

he usually loves it and has rolled from his tummy to his back a bunch of times!  he's just getting so big!

hunter is just my little pumpkin and i love smooching his chubby cheeks and when he smiles and coos. oh, and he and joe are getting along much better these days! it's so sweet to watch them together! bennett is still semi-obsessed with hunter and now hunter is smiling back at him, which he loves. we are so blessed!

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