Friday, June 13, 2014


alright, i cheated. i weighed myself. i know what you're thinking... but really i just did it so i could know whether or not the calorie amount i'm shooting for each day is right or if i needed to make an adjustment. i haven't used myfitnesspal to lose weight while breastfeeding before and i kind of had to guess how many calories to add to my daily goal to account for it. most things i read said that you need 500 additional calories daily to accommodate for full-time breastfeeding. my calorie goal was set to lose one pound a week and to that i added an additional 300 calories for breastfeeding. i figured it might take a bit of work to find the number that would produce weight loss without hurting my milk supply.

all that to say i didn't want to wait until the end of the month to weigh myself and see that the calorie number needed to be adjusted. but it looks like we are in business: i lost two pounds since monday and haven't noticed a difference in my supply. i have been trying to make good food choices, exercising most days, and not eating back all my calories burned through exercise (though have dipped into them a bit for treats). i'm feeling good and like i'm on the right track. now i just have to keep it up :)

i'm enjoying getting back to the gym and taking classes. body pump is my favorite. i also really like getting out on walks with the boys in the stroller, especially with joe or other friends.

it's nice to actually enjoy being active rather than feeling like it's such a chore. i also have been eating treats but really watching my portions. i find that if i have a craving for something it's best to just eat a small portion of it and be done with it, rather than trying to eat something healthier instead. if i just fulfill the craving and don't deprive myself it keeps me on track whereas if i try to avoid it then i can't seem to control my portions when i finally give in. all things in moderation. that's truly the mentality i want to live by.

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