Thursday, July 11, 2013

life lately.

we've got a lot going on right now, so i thought i'd write a little update on life lately...

bennett, one year
we have lots of "one year" activities this week. bennett's first birthday was last saturday. tonight we have his one year pictures with megan daas. joe went to high school with her and she did our engagement and wedding photos when she was just starting out and doing photography on the side. now she's doing photography full time and is constantly booked with weddings, family shoots, senior pictures, etc. she is amazing- i can't say enough how much i love her work! check out her website! we're meeting in pioneer park in stillwater for the pictures tonight and i have no doubt she'll get some fantastic shots!

i made this birthday chalkboard based on a product i saw on etsy and a tutorial i found on another blog. i'm hoping to use it in some of ben's one year pictures tonight, and will also display it at his birthday party on saturday.

so, back to the one year themed week... tomorrow is the big 12 month check-up at the pediatrician. i'm not looking forward to it at all because he has to get shots and a blood draw. poor buddy. he's been SO crabby the last week or so as it is because his little teeth are trying to come through, so i'm sure this won't help his mood.

to top off our one year week, saturday is bennett's first birthday party! we're doing a vintage carnival/circus theme. to be honest, we've been so busy lately that i feel like i haven't had the time to plan things out the way i really wanted to, but it does seem to be coming together somehow (thanks to a little a lot of help from my crafty, creative mom!). i'm sure it'll be fun even if everything isn't pinterest-perfect like i'd like, and that's what matters, right?

weight loss
for a couple weeks in there i just couldn't seem to get myself together. i would start each day with new resolve, but by dinner time everything was out the window and we'd order pizza and snack on ice cream while watching tv. i got really frustrated with myself that i "couldn't" get back on track. then i decided to face the reality that i could, but i was choosing not to. things have been a lot better this week and thankfully i hadn't done too much damage, because i'm now down those few pounds that had crept back on. i'm nearing one year since i started my weight loss efforts and i just compared pictures from when bennett was first born and now. the difference amazed me! it's easy to not notice the change in yourself, especially when it happens slowly.

left is july 17, 2012 (11 days post-partum)
right is june 16, 2013 (down about 34 lbs)
i'm just counting calories using myfitnesspal, eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods, and trying to walk or do some form of exercise when i can (which is much less often than i'd like to/should).

we close on our new house on MONDAY! i can't wait! we will have a lot of painting and wallpaper-removing to do right away, but i'm looking forward to it actually. it feels exciting that this is the first house joe and i chose together (he had our townhouse before we met) and i'm so pumped to put work into it to make it ours. i've also just had to let go of the idea of having to do everything right away. as much as i wanted to do new carpet, new counters, new appliances, etc., those things are going to have to wait. we're going to slow down and give ourselves time to save to do the things we want to do. we have had to sacrifice a lot financially in order to just get this beautiful new [to us] house, and i need to focus on being grateful for and embracing what we have rather than constantly looking at what we don't have and can't do yet.

we are getting to do some fun things right away- changing out some light fixtures and hardware, painting and refurbishing cabinets, painting all the rooms, and getting new rugs, pillows, and other decor. it's been fun to hunt for things and try to find good deals on things i love. i can't wait to see it all put together!

well, that's the latest! we have a concert tomorrow, the big birthday party saturday, and TONS of packing, cleaning, etc. to do sunday. who needs sleep, right?

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