Thursday, July 25, 2013

birthday party recap.

nothing like a birthday party post two weeks after the party... these pictures, unlike most, were taken on our nice camera rather than my iphone. and obviously i didn't get around to uploading these until now. better late than never!

i chose a circus theme for bennett's big day. i initially wanted to do a whale theme, but i found cuter circus invites so i quickly changed gears. side note: party city was completely worthless and didn't have a darn circus-themed item in the store. isn't circus kind of a classic party theme for kids? not every kid is going to have a thomas the train or spiderman party. although let's face it, thomas will probably be bennett's chosen theme for next year. i digress.

fortunately, i hit the jackpot at michaels. until then i'd started to worry that the circus theme was an antiquated idea. as it turns out, though, it's just that the circus is just too cool for party city. the michaels dollar aisle was full of great circus-themed finds, so i picked up most of the party goods from there. and also target. because what can't you buy at target? (besides circus party stuff, of course.) thank goodness for pinterest and blogs, too. after perusing the internet and pinterest posts, i felt both reassured in my circus idea and also completely inadequate as a parent all at the same time. that's just what pinterest does. anyway, this blog post was the inspiration for bennett's party (or, more realistically, i made a solid effort at a knock-off version of this party).

regardless of whether the party was pinterest-perfect (i assure you, it was not), i think it turned out cute and everyone had a good time, which was the whole point. here's some pictures from the day...

uncle jake and cousin martin (missing afternoon nap was tough on marty)
from left: cousin taylor (5), bennett, cousin charlie (6), cousin martin (3), landon (almost 2)
charlie and bennett
taylor, bennett, charlie
joe and taylor
bennett and papa
my little buddy "clownin' around"
uncle jake and auntie allison
martin, taylor, charlie
me and my mama

check out that handprint
SO big!
wash it down with a little milk

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