Friday, December 21, 2012

the first blog post. but not the last. probably.

it may come as a surprise that i'm starting a blog.  it will likely come as more of a surprise (to me, most of all), if i continue a blog.  anyone who knows me (or has ever checked my pinterest) knows i'm not great at following through on projects.  for example, i have multiple half-done knitting projects.  our christmas cards were ordered, purchased, and addressed, but have yet to be sent out (ps it's december 21st). bennett does not have a baby book, though i've saved everything in case i ever decide to do one.  nor does bennett have monthly adorable photos in a white onesie with a sticker depicting how many months old he is, though the stickers have been sitting in my online etsy shopping bag since before he was born.  you get the point.  so, here goes nothing.  i'm hopeful (as i am at the outset of most endeavors) that this one will be the one i stick with.  no promises.

a quick review of the last [almost] six months...

bennett james wienke was born on 07.06.12.

first family photo!

july 6, 2012. 11:52am. 7 lb. 8 oz. 21 inches.

the most amazing, most painful (pre-epidural, that is), most exhausting, most joyful, most exhilarating day of my life thus far.  well, maybe not most exhausting.  i haven't slept through the night a single time since then, and actually even before (can we say squished pregnancy bladder?).  regardless, that day our world was rocked in the best possible way.

since then, our thoughts have been consumed with diapers, gummy smiles, cries, sleep schedules, spit-up, coos, sandra boynton books, and (let's face it) breast milk.

our little man is growing C.R.A.Z.Y. fast and some days i wish i could just push pause.  i'm trying to soak it in as best i can, but i can't seem to shake this sinking feeling that time is passing me by far too quickly.

joe and i celebrated our third wedding anniversary on 09.04.12.  i think i'll keep him around at least another year.  but seriously, i'm so blessed to have him as my husband and teammate in life.  what i'd do without him, i hope i never have to find out.  he makes me laugh, and i'm a better person because of him. i'm sure he'd say the same of me (ha).

the three of us live with our buddy, george, in our tiny little townhouse in hugo.  while it may not look like much, i get unbelievable joy from my life here everyday.  so, stay tuned.  on the edge of your seat.  for updates [fingers crossed] on the crazy, beautiful life we lead.

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