Saturday, December 22, 2012

santa. baby.

joe and i have been talking a lot about whether or not we will do santa with bennett. thank goodness we have time before we need to land on a decision, considering that bennett is not even six months old yet! on one hand i have incredibly fond memories of santa-related things from when i was a little girl: setting out cookies (actually chocolate cake with fluffy white frosting in our house- you're welcome, dad), milk, and carrots for santa and the reindeer; the butterflies in my tummy that kept me awake from the anticipation of santa and the sleigh landing on OUR roof and coming down OUR chimney; and the wide-eyed wonderment when i'd wake up and run downstairs to find TONS of presents under the tree and stockings stuffed to the brim. you can really only have that childlike awe and innocence for so long... on the other hand, christmas is about jesus, plain and simple. god sent HIS little baby boy into the world to save us and have a relationship with us. THAT is what joe and i want ben to know and someday put his faith in. faith requires believing without seeing. can santa help teach faith, or does it teach that believing without seeing eventually seems foolish once he learns the truth about santa? we haven't quite decided. is it possible to incorporate santa into a jesus-focused christmas? if you know how, let us know!

i think we will still get bennett's picture taken with santa this year. does it make me a bad mom if i *kind of* hope he cries on santa's lap because it makes for a funny picture? don't judge.

update: after waiting nearly 2 hours (saturday before christmas after dinnertime = new mom fail), seeing santa was a success. no tears. ben was completely intrigued by santa, his beard (real, by the way- bennett checked ;), and the bells on his arms. the picture turned out cute. so overpriced. but worth it. safe to say this will be an annual tradition.

merry christmas!

in front of our christmas tree 12.22.12
bennett and santa 12.22.12

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