Wednesday, March 12, 2014

nursery and big boy room.

well the nursery is complete, and just in time! two weeks (more or HOPEFULLY less) to go! it's so funny to me how much urgency there is with your first baby to get everything set up and ready months in advance. and now here we are 2 weeks from our due date with our second and things are just starting to really come together. although the infant car seat is not installed. and my hospital bag is only half packed. but whatever. we're getting there.

bennett has been in his "big boy" room for several weeks now and has completely adjusted, i'd say. we just had the new carpet installed in there last week (long story) and there are a few finishing touches still that need to happen, but for the most part we're all set.

we are really happy with how both of these rooms turned out, and give most of the credit to my mom for putting it all together. i may have chosen the individual pieces but my mom is the one with the vision for making it look cohesive and complete. i wish i hadn't missed out on that gene...

many of the components for each of the rooms came from pottery barn kids. i just love that place and could spend thousands of dollars in there in 5 seconds if given the opportunity. but i think a few items from there can go a long way and then you can fill in with more budget-friendly items from there. i feel that way about pottery barn for our home decor as well- bedding, pillows, etc. from there make a big statement and you can find accessories and other things elsewhere for much less but still get the same overall look. there's my very limited (and not solicited from anyone at all i guess) decorating advice. you're welcome.

we'll start with bennett's room. i call it his big boy room because it's downstairs away from mom and dad. don't worry, i already had my "he's not my baby anymore" meltdown weeks ago. but for all intents and purposes it's not really any more "big boy" than it was upstairs.

this is the same crib he's had since he was born. we decided since he was getting a new room and a new brother, he should be able to keep his same bed. we knew we were going to buy another crib for the baby since bennett's not yet ready for a big boy bed. the baby won't have a preference, but i think it made for a smoother transition downstairs for ben.

we chose an "all star" sportsy theme for him. we added this new star sheet to go with the quilt mimi made him when he was born. most of the art/wall decor is stuff i had from his nursery, just assembled in a different way; we did add the tin star on the wall.

the room itself was originally yellow and had white paneling on the wall under the window. the pictures are from when we bought the house and the previous owners' things were still in the house.

i tried to get the lava lamp written into our contract when we bought the house but they just wouldn't give it up- ha.

the room had this weird accordian-style door, so joe and his dad installed a real doorframe and door. then joe tore the paneling out and sheet rocked the wall. we painted the room the same gray as bennett's room upstairs and joe installed new white baseboards. we got the new carpet put in and we were all set! now that i think about it, i guess that was a lot of work that had to be done and explains why the whole process took so long!

and now, the nursery. and i suppose a name reveal too, for those of you i haven't shared it with. we decided on hunter joseph. i've loved the name hunter for a long time. joe was iffy on it at first but eventually (after very little coaxing on my part, honest!) he came around. we are so excited to meet our new pal.

the bookshelves are actually spice racks from ikea that we spray painted white. thank you, pinterest.

the changing table is a dresser my parents gave us when they downsized and the rocking chair is the chair my dad bought my mom when she had me. i bought the gray chair pad from carousel designs online and its really comfortable!

the letters are from michaels and the lion mirror i found on pottery barn kids website on clearance. score!

i had these frames that i bought at pottery barn on clearance months ago but hadn't found a place for. the verse print i ordered on etsy. we'll fill the empty frame with baby pictures after he's born.

the bedding is from pottery barn kids. notice i've loosened up and will let this babe have bumper pads in the crib. i'm so lax. oh and the crib is from target.

so, there you have it! nothing too extravagant, but both rooms feel cozy and fit our style, so that's all that matters for us. now all that's left to do is have this baby. and install the car seat. and pack my hospital bag. hopefully not in that order though.

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