Tuesday, February 25, 2014

4 more weeks.

my blogging has been minimal lately, primarily because i have been taking the opportunity to nap while bennett naps almost everyday. considering i'm sleeping terribly at night, i'm thankful for the rest time each afternoon. bennett has been napping for 3+ hours which has been amazing. i know i won't have consistent childless stretches like that in just 4 short weeks, so i'm fully embracing it while i have the chance.

36 weeks.

we (mostly joe and my mom, if we are being honest) got bennett's new room mostly finished and he's successfully transitioned to his new space. we are having the carpet replaced in there at the end of the week and have a few details to finish up, then i'll post the before and after photos. i'm very happy with how it has turned out and even happier than bennett adjusted relatively seamlessly (we all know how i feel about transitions).

we got started on setting up the nursery and my mom is coming again next week to help finish it up. it's looking so cute and it is all starting to feel real! i had a minor freak out when i took the newborn diapers out of the package to put in the dresser drawers- they're so tiny and i can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that i'm going to have a tiny new baby who fits in them in a month! i am excited for new things to come but i am feeling oddly sentimental about the end of the era with bennett as our one and only.

bennett is at such a fun age and i am loving my time at home with him. we have made several trips to the children's museum, indoor parks, and lots of play dates with friends.

as much as i am sad to think about bennett not being our baby anymore, i am so excited to see him interact with the new babe and take on the big brother role. i imagine there will be some challenges in the transition, but i know he will love having a baby brother and being mommy and daddy's (or mom and joe as he often calls us these days...) special helper. plus, he will always be my baby no matter what.

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