Monday, November 11, 2013

it's a...

it was hard to get up and get going this morning... mondays are tough- ESPECIALLY after a nice, long weekend! we had our 20 week ultrasound on thursday morning so i took the whole day off, meaning it's been 4 days since i last worked. (by the way- the countdown is on! just 6 more weeks of work!)

it was so fun to see our little one on the screen on thursday! our babe was VERY active and the ultrasound tech commented that she hadn't seen a baby that active in a long time! everything looked great on the ultrasound except one of the kidneys had a little too much fluid in it. they like it to measure at 4 mm or less, and one of the kidneys was at 5.1 mm. the other was within normal limits measuring at 3.8mm. apparently this is one of 20+ markers for downs syndrome. however, our baby didn't have any of the other markers and the OB assured us that the odds of downs syndrome only increased from 1/700 to 1.5/700 based on this. she also said this is probably the most common thing that comes up on ultrasounds that they recheck. we'll have another ultrasound at either 28 or 32 weeks to see if the fluid measures within normal levels at that point. they also may do an ultrasound on the baby after birth to check the fluid levels again. i'd be lying if i said it didn't make me a little nervous, but our doctor was very insistent that this is likely a non-issue and that we shouldn't be overly concerned.

also, there is a gender component related to fluid in the kidneys, as it's much more common in BOYS. we're having another little BOY! :) we are so excited that bennett will have a little brother and that they'll be so close in age (21 months apart).

we have chosen a name for baby boy #2! we were going back and forth on two names and couldn't decide. joe told me to just pick one of the two. i had wanted to order a christmas stocking for this baby that matches the rest of ours, so i ordered one and had it monogrammed with his name. joe will find out which of the two names i chose when the stocking arrives! we'll probably share the name at that point, since we already decided on it. only a little longer, mom and dad ;-)

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