Tuesday, September 3, 2013

labor day weekend recap.

we had a great labor day weekend- very relaxing and lots of time spent together. we left friday afternoon for the cabin. joe's brother and his wife, jake and allison, joined us there for the weekend and we had a great time. lots of lounging, laughing, and [of course] eating. this girl loves catching up on dateline episodes that my mom dvr's, so i marinated on the couch watching several of those throughout the weekend. yes, i'm 87 years old and totally fine with it.

we had an amazing day on the lake on saturday! it was warm enough to jump in the lake a few times, but not so hot that we were miserable. and it was gorgeous- barely a cloud in the sky :) it was nice to get some sun and relax. bennett didn't want to swim this time (i think the water was a little too cold for him), but he enjoyed walking around on the boat and then went in for his afternoon nap with grammy while the rest of us took a long cruise.

joe and jake made AMAZING burgers saturday night for dinner and we watched the big wedding. it had an all-star cast and was ok- not great but not bad. i'm just proud i stayed awake for the whole thing (no small feat these days). speaking of movies- if you haven't watched 42, you need to. today. it's in redbox. and it's super good.

bennett was a complete gem this weekend, which was really fun. he was just in a great mood all weekend, probably because he was getting TONS of attention from his grandparents, aunt and uncle, and mommy and daddy. he doesn't have too many weekends where he gets ALL of that undivided attention, and this little ham ate it up. naturally, super mom didn't take any pictures of him at the cabin. i need to find the dang camera charger. it's driving me crazy. i went to the garage yesterday to look for it, but gave up after seeing a ginormous spider. sick. i'm never going out there again. instead i just texted a friend who has the same camera and am borrowing their charger today after work. that'll hold us over until joe can find ours in spiderville.

we came home from the cabin late sunday afternoon. yesterday, we went to the state fair. we were going to go last weekend, but it was like 96 degrees, so we spared ourselves. yesterday it was in the mid-60's out, so it was a great day to be there. we usually go with a group of friends, which is fun, but honestly we really liked being there on our own and setting our own pace. we hit all our usual food stands- cheese curds, roasted corn, sweet martha's cookies, fudge puppies, corn dog, pizza on a stick, and 1919 root beer for joe/fresh squeezed lemonade for me. yum. let's just say bennett was a fan of the fair foods...

cheese curds
sweet martha's cookies
this little boy was in heaven
he also liked seeing all the baby animals in the miracle of birth building. he pet a bunny, a lamb, and a baby pig. all the training we've been doing on being gentle with george (instead of hitting him or pulling his fur) paid off and bennett was very nice to the baby animals. parenting score.

baby lamb
i must admit, i'm excited for fall. i can't wait to make pumpkin everything and pull my cute boots out. unfortunately bennett is not so ready for fall, since we own zero long-sleeves, pants, and sweatshirts that fit him right now. after work today, we are going to the mall to do bennett's "school shopping" :)

we have tons going on this fall, so we're gearing up for that. we have a trip to lambeau field for a packer game with my family, a visit from my cousin and her husband from denver, a trip to chicago with jake and allison, and joe has a few work trips. we even have a potential new york trip in november if joe can get a doctor on board for a training his company is hosting there. please believe i'm jumping on that bandwagon. NYC is my happy place.

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