Wednesday, September 11, 2013

bump-date: 12 weeks.

well, we made it to the 12 week mark! that always (i say always like i've done this a thousand times) seems like a big milestone to me.

baby: size of a plum. baby has developed reflexes. baby is 2" long and about 1/2 oz.

cravings: yogurt. green grapes.

aversions: chocolate. ice cream.

aches/pains: i feel quite a bit better! i'm really tired most of the time, but other than that i'm actually feeling pretty well! i mostly only feel nauseous when i'm getting hungry. i have noticed, though, that i'm really sensitive to smells. yesterday at work someone heated up something super garlicky for lunch and it made me want to lose mine. also, someone warmed up or brewed coffee and i swear it was like someone was roasting coffee beans AT MY DESK. gag.

body: i think my post on pregnancy weight gain pretty much sums it up. nothing too new in that department. i'll be weighed at my appointment on friday. yay.

boy or girl? won't find out til my 20 week ultrasound, but i'm convinced it's a girl. neither joe nor i have a really strong preference either way, but i just have that feeling it's a girl. we'll see!

names? we've been talking a lot about names and we've come up with one girl name in particular that we both love. not much in the way of boy names so far though. i think we're going to keep our names to ourselves until he/she is born this time around. we've had a few comments already that have bothered us when discussing names with people, so we'd rather just keep it between us until it's actually his or her name. then there's no debate :)

last night joe had a work dinner, so my friend katie came over to our house to hang out with me and bennett. it was so nice to catch up with her- we definitely don't get together often enough. between work/family for me and work/school/newlywed-dom for her, it's hard to find the time. but it's nice to have a friend where you can totally pick up where you last left off like hardly any time has passed. i guess that's the perk of 13 years of friendship!

bennett loved having auntie katie over! he made her read him his favorite book a hundred times, which she did patiently (like everything else she does).

he also was kind enough to show her his favorite move (which happens to be dramatically throwing himself to the ground when he's told no). awesome.

we're having a bunch of my friends and their families over to our house tomorrow for a barbecue. it'll be the first time most of them have seen the house (or at least since we've made a lot of changes!). it's fun to finally have the room to have a big group over! i'm bummed because we wanted to have patio furniture before then, but it didn't work out. so, i'm not entirely sure where everyone's going to sit to eat, but i guess we'll figure it out!

joe spent most of the day yesterday (he stayed home so we could have our directv installed) putting in a new floor in our laundry room. it looks great in there and makes the room feel so much cleaner and less like a dungeon. here's a picture as he was partway through the process of laying the new floor. keep in mind the old floor was dirty/faded mauve. i'd say this is a vast improvement!

so tonight we'll be cleaning a bit to get the house ready for tomorrow. and then probably watching several episodes of homeland season one. A-DDICTED.

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