Monday, June 24, 2013

weekend update.

well, so far so good. bennett is doing well with the sippy cup transition. he hasn't had a bottle since thursday and seems to be drinking more and more from the sippy cup each day. he also popped out his first little tooth on friday! big day for my little friend!

first time on the swings!
we are getting so excited to move into our new house. i received notification that our closing was scheduled for 2pm on the 15th- just 3 weeks from today! we have a LOT to do before then, but it's exciting that we're so close! i did some shopping saturday morning/afternoon for home decor stuff with a friend who also just bought a house with her husband (they close the same day as us!). i found some home accessories (pillows, etc.) that i really like. joe and i also ordered two matching chairs online that i LOVE for our living room. can't wait to see them in the new house!

as far as other house stuff, we got our bid on carpet and it's a lot more expensive than i'd hoped. we are still trying to decide what we're going to do as far as that goes. it's looking like we'll end up replacing the upstairs carpet and holding off on the downstairs for now.

saturday night joe, bennett, and i met our friends mike, meghan and landon at dairy queen to hang out for a bit. it's so fun to see ben light up when he sees landon- he just loves his best friend! it seems landon feels the same way because i got this text from meghan...

landon's picture of "nen"
on sunday we went to meet our friends' new baby, cash jakob, who was born on friday night. he joins his two older brothers beau (3) and tripp (2) and looks JUST like them. i could not get over how small and light cash is! ben was 7 lb 8 oz when he was born (over a pound less than cash) but it blew my mind to think that bennett was ever that tiny. gosh, time goes fast.

joe and i went out last night with jake and allison to celebrate all of our birthdays (joe- 6/15, me- 6/16, allison- 6/21, jake- 6/28). ryan and jeanie babysat bennett, and it was so nice to have some time with jake and allison on our own. we sat out on the patio at rudy's in white bear lake for dinner. then we went out to nelson's in stillwater for ice cream. YUM. yes, i did track the calories in that monster serving of ice cream. not pretty. but it was amazing and so worth it!

so thankful for these two!
well, that was our weekend! nothing too crazy, but we are enjoying summer (finally) and gearing up for busy days ahead!

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