Monday, June 10, 2013

unmotivated. and weekend recap.

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so when i posted over a week ago that i was getting back on track with eating right, i apparently didn't mean it. i don't know quite what my deal is, but i can't seem to get it together. i need to be tracking what/how much i'm eating, choosing fruits and veggies over chips and cookies, and getting in some form of exercise. it just isn't happening. and i'm paying for it on the scale and in how i feel in general. i'm in a funk and i'm not sure how to break it. i know that eating out more often is not helping, and we've been so busy that getting to the gym just hasn't been a priority.

i'm also just struggling with motivation at work. i feel stagnant and like each day is the same and drags on and on. truly, i just want to stay home with my little man and focus on being a good wife and mom. that's where my heart is. i know that work is where i need to be right now, especially with just having bought a new house. this is the season that i'm in and i want to feel good about where i'm at instead of always looking to the next thing and wishing my days away. i just feel bored and unchallenged.

sorry for all the complaining. i think this has all just been brewing over the last several weeks and i just am finally sorting it out in my own head...

in other news, bennett took more steps on his own over the weekend. he will take one or two steps and then fall, but i know he'll be walking so soon. it's exciting to see him learn right before our eyes. tonight is our first night at starfish class (baby swim lessons). i'm looking forward to seeing how mr. man responds to the water!

we leave friday evening for denver to visit my cousin amanda and her husband beau. i'm not at all looking forward to the flights, but i'm looking forward to a relaxing trip and spending time with my longest-standing friend :) joe's birthday is saturday, and my birthday is sunday, as is father's day. big weekend for us!

also, let the moving countdown begin... 5 weeks! we have a lot to do, but i'm starting to get really excited to get into the new house. it will be so nice to have the extra space. bennett is getting into everything and we're starting to have to set limits with him and say "no" when he's doing something he shouldn't (especially going into cabinets). he doesn't respond well when we use that stern tone with him. in fact, he LOSES it... big tears, pouty lip, the whole shebang. it's actually really adorable.

here's a few pictures from the weekend...

playing cars with landon
sporting new flip flops...
furniture shopping with our little driver :)
home with daddy

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