Thursday, June 13, 2013


we had our first infant swim class on monday night at shoreview community center.

very interested in the big pool

our little starfish LOVED the water! bennett could've stayed in the water for much longer than the 30 minute class, i think. we set him on the edge of the pool with his feet in to introduce him to the water and right away he leaned forward to splash his hands in the water.

he smiled and laughed when i pulled him in the water with me and loved putting his face by the water to "blow bubbles" (more like swallow gulps of pool water).

we sang songs, practiced front and back floating, and "arm scoops" (paddling through the water).

someone caught a glimpse of dada from across the pool!
it was really fun to see him take it all in and smile when he was splashing and playing in the water. he was very squirmy and didn't like being restricted by having me hold him the whole time. shocking that our little strong-willed boy wanted to do it by himself!

joe was the photographer this time, but is more excited to get in the water with ben next time! and we're looking forward to introducing bennett to the lake in chetek this summer now that we know he likes the water!

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