Tuesday, June 25, 2013

calories and miles.

as most of you who read my little blog regularly know, i've been doing weight watchers online for about 10 months. i started about 4 weeks after bennett was born. in those 10 months, i've managed to lose 34 lbs. i haven't really lost much in the last month or so, and though i've essentially maintained (up a little, down a little, and so on), i'd like to see that number consistently moving down again. it seems i've been writing essentially this same post about once a month, i know.

i don't feel like i've been consistent at all in following weight watchers, and i certainly haven't made exercise a priority at all over the last couple of months. so, i've decided to make a little change. myfitnesspal.com is a free calorie-tracking website. they have EVERYTHING listed in their food database and while you're tracking calories (instead of points on weight watchers), it's essentially the same thing. the website will set your calorie allotment for you based on your weight, activity level, and how quickly you want to lose (from half a pound a week up to two pounds a week), or you can set it yourself. i chose my own calorie allowance so i could convert points to calories. according to what i read online, there's about 40 calories in one weight watchers point. so, i used the following calculations to determine my daily calorie allowance.

number of weight watchers points (33) x 40 (calories in one point) = 1320 calories per day

on weight watchers you are also given an allowance of 49 "extra" points each week on top of your daily points. these points are meant to be used for treats that wouldn't fit in your daily points allowance (think: splurge meal, birthday cake, etc.). so i added those in, too...

49 points x 40 = 1960 extra calories per week

1960 calories / 7 days a week = 280 extra calories per day

1320 + 280 = 1600 total daily calories

in addition, fruit/veggies are zero points on weight watchers. so, i've decided not to track calories for fruits and veggies on myfitnesspal. i'm going to try this for a couple weeks. depending on how it goes, i'll make adjustments to the calorie amount as needed.

you can find me on myfitnesspal under my username: LWlosingit.

also, a friend from college, amber, has a blog that i follow: mommysmetime.com. she just started a challenge on dailymile that i'm joining. it runs for the summer and is just about tracking miles (walking, running, whatever you want) and being active. to join, click this link: mommy needs to MOVE. you'll have to create a dailymile account if you haven't already. anyone can join- it's NOT just for mamas! honestly i haven't gotten out there yet. we're celebrating birthdays with my family tonight, so i won't have time to go today, but bennett and i have a date with the stroller tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates! 

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